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Alien Ghost Robot creates stories that connect the human to the fantastic. It was created in 2021 by W. Keith Tims. We make audio dramas, podcasts, audiobooks, and provide voiceover services.

W. Keith Tims earned his Ph.D. in Moving Image Studies from Georgia State University. He worked in academia teaching performance studies, acting, and directing technique for twenty years. He has also performed for film, voiceover and stage, written plays and sketch comedy, done improv, and directed numerous shows.

His first audio drama, The Book of Constellations, won the 2022 Audio Verse Award for Best Existing Story-Based Production. His next audio drama, The Love Talker, comes out in the Fall of 2023.

He is also the host of The First Episode Of, a podcast about audio drama and the creative process. He’s interviewed over sixty indie audio drama creators about their shows to better understand this art form and the people who make it.

Keith is available for voice-over work, writing, directing, lectures and guest appearances. Write to him at