Submissions for Autumn 2024 Open

Equinox Anthology is a new collection of sci-fi audio short fiction, hopefully ongoing, with episodes being released every Equinox and Solstice. Audio fiction creators submit short (5-10 minutes) audio works around a simple theme which are collected into each episode.

We are seeking submissions for the premiere episode to be released on the Autumnal Equinox, Sep 22, 2024. The theme for this episode is “Harvest.”

To be considered, send an email to with the following information:
                1) Your name, preferred pronouns, contact information (including email, websites, socials, etc.), your production company (if any), and your existing audio fiction projects (if any).

                2) A short pitch for your submission for the episode. All submissions must fit the sci-fi or spec fic genre and somehow fit the theme “Harvest”. All submissions must be new and not published previously and must be “stand alone” stories. (Broad interpretations of the theme are encouraged.)

                3) A link to a sample of your work that demonstrates your style.


Creators from under-represented or marginalized communities are especially encouraged to apply.

Join the Equinox Anthology discussion area on the Alien Ghost Robot Discord Server!

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ – General

Q: What’s this all about?
A: The project is designed to help cross-promote indie audio drama creators and their shows, as well as tell new sci-fi stories in a short, low-risk format.

Q: Who is producing this?
A: It’s produced by W. Keith Tims of Alien Ghost Robot Creative Media. He will write and produce the material surrounding the submissions, handle hosting and promotion, and production of the final episode.

Q: Will creators be paid?
A: No. The works will have their creator(s) promoted heavily, but this is all on a volunteer basis. This show will not be monetized, so no one will make money off of it.

Q: Who controls the rights to the stories?
A: The creators do. The creators give Equinox permission to use their work in the episode and in promotion of it. They retain all other rights and can do with their work what they wish.

Q: What are the particulars for how you want stories submitted?
A: If you’re selected for an episode, you’ll be given these details. You will need to provide the producer with a rough draft a couple of  weeks before submission deadline for feedback and notes.

FAQ – Auditions

Q: How many stories go into each episode?
A: It depends on the length of them, but generally five or six stories. We’re aiming for a one-hour episode.

Q: How hard is the 10 minute limit?
A: Very hard. Your final work must be under 10 minutes long, and a minimum of 5 minutes.

Q: What if my final production changes from my pitch?
A: We understand that often stories can change in production. Your pitch is viewed as a proposal, not a final outline. However, if your story ends up being substantially different than the pitch, you may be dropped from the show at the discretion of the producer.

Q: What about this “theme”? How important is it?
A: We encourage creators to interpret the theme however they like, and even in very broad or simple ways.

Q: Can I submit something I’ve published before?
A: No. We want all submissions to be new stories.

Q: Must I be associated with a “production company”?
A: Not at all. Submissions from individuals who can create finished stories are welcome.

Q: What if I want to audition, but I don’t have the skills to do everything? What if I need an actor, sound designer, composer, etc.?
A: One of the hopes of this project is that people will collaborate with each other, make connections and form creative relationships. Reach out to members of the audio fiction community you might already know. There’s also a collaboration channel in the Equinox discussion area on the Alien Ghost Robot Discord Server. ( ) Having said that, only auditions that demonstrate they can complete a project will be chosen—we can’t accept provisional auditions. (ie. “If I can find a composer, I can do this.”)

Q: How will you decide who gets selected?
A: There’s a lot of criteria to consider, but ultimately it comes down to curating a collection of stories that have diverse styles, stories, and themes, compelling audio and production, and which use the audio medium effectively. We’re looking for variety, new perspectives, cool sci-fi ideas, diverse voices, and shows that use the tools they have well.

Q: I didn’t get selected for a spot in the episode. Now what?
A: Don’t despair! There are many reasons why shows may or may not be selected and often they have nothing to do with talent or ability. We hope that Equinox will be an ongoing project and you’re welcome to resubmit for the next one!