A Voice of Warmth and Grit. A Campfire Storyteller. Southern Charm and Poetic Ease.

Known for his skill with poetic languagecrisp articulation, and sense of pacing and timingW. Keith Tims brings a strong sense of gravitas, momentum, and vulnerability to his voice roles. He has received three degrees in theatre & film and spent over 20 years working in academic theatre. Email Inquiries Here.

Audio Fiction & Voice Acting


The Book of Constellations
The First Episode Of  (Podcast)
Double Falsehood
Omega Star 7
Omega Star 7
Kill-FM 1
Wake of Corrosion
Kill-FM 2
Once Upon a Wasteland
The Storage Papers
The Love Talker
Kill-FM 4
Splatter House 4
Regina Prime
Henry VI part 1
Trap Street


All voices. 
Povlex Nero (4 episodes)
“Not” Kaziban Cyros (3 episodes)
Storyteller, “I Dare You”
Survivor, “Letters from Shadows”
Announcer, “Bin & Jara’s”
Storyteller, “A Man of Action”
Devon (7 episodes)
Dr. Maldonado
The Love Talker
Robert & The Voice, “Cloud Variations”
Doctor, “Tales for Howling at the Full Moon”
Bench Sitter
Charlie Reynolds

Audiobooks & Narration


The Red Leaves of Autumn
Create Destruction: Phase 1
Create Destruction: Phase 2
Reasons for Waking


Dana Bodney
Ryan Kovacs
Ryan Kovacs
Karen Foster

Sample Work

Narration & Audiobook Reel – Selections from The Adventures of Tom Sawyer by Mark Twain (00:11), The War of the Worlds by H.G. Wells (01:48) and Winnie the Pooh by A.A. Milne (02:52). General American & American Southern accents.

As the storyteller in “I Dare You” by H.M. Radcliffe, part of the weird fiction anthology Kill-FM 1Gritty, forlorn. ​A man recalls a tragedy from his youth.

From The Book of Constellations ​audio drama, an example of the character “Rael.” Written, produced, and performed by W. Keith Tims. Soft, ethereal, calm. The stranger from the stars, Rael, explains why all life is important.

As semi-recurring character “Povlex Nero” on the audio drama Omega Star 7. Comedy. Bombastic, commanding. General British. Magnum-class celebrity Povlex Nero refuses to go on.

From “The Storage Papers” by Jeremy Enfinger. Authoritative, Educated. Dr. Maldonado explains the history of a magical book. 

From The Book of Constellations audio drama, an example of the character “Simon.” Written, produced, and performed by W. Keith Tims. Gritty, Southern American. Storyteller type. Simon describes his capture at the hands of the paramilitary Theta Group.

William Shakespeare’s Sonnet 130. Clear, confident. The speaker explains why he finds his beloved to be special, even though he won’t exaggerate her features as others do.

A Man of Action. The full short fiction piece written, performed, produced & scored by W. Keith Tims. Hard, gravelly, take-charge. Agent Knight investigates the connection between a rash of organ harvesting and strange lights in the sky. (13 min).

Home Studio

Rode Procaster mic, Focusrite Scarlett Solo, sound treated space, Reaper DAW.